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Session #1


[FIA]* Cultural: Being One With The Tikling Bird

Facilitators: Levin Chan, Yeabeen Cha, Ephraim Rem Ampo, Mark Duong

Participants in this workshop will get a sense how Tinikling was discovered. We want everyone to ‘makisali’ — to join us as we learn and embrace our culture as Filipino and Filipino Americans through this traditional dance style. For this workshop, no experience is necessary, this workshop is to show everyone how Tinikling is performed and learn some basic, as well as some advanced moves.

[FIA]* Modern Workshop

Facilitators: Monina Aquino, Jon Patrick Alfaro

It's the perfect timing to learn new choreography from the [FIA]* Modern Coordinators! Our goal is to help our members grow and improve while also allowing them to have fun and share their passion for dance with the rest of the group! Come sign up and learn a new style of dance with Monina Aquino and Jon Patrick Alfaro. #BassBass

Cents Crew

Facilitator: Oscar Bokie Fernandez

Cents Crew is a group of friends who want to share their art and have fun doing it.  Dance is any movement you can possibly think of. This workshop will be all about having fun, getting hyped up, and creating memories with each other through dance. Oscar Fernandez will be teaching the workshop and he is a part of Fia Modern, Unity Collective, Daily Center, and Cents Crew.

Consent and Refusal

Facilitators: Micah Yason, Sami Uzzama

We will be discussing consent and refusal with a focus on creating a conversation in the Filipinx/Asian community following The Me Too movement. We want to facilitate an environment of encouragement and empowerment through various discussions within the space.

Dream Team Dance Workshop

Facilitator: Viet Phan


Finding Yourself In Your Community

Facilitators: Chris Aldana, Charmaine Balisalisa, Brian Guerrero, Jon Taala, Carline Dayon

How do we value our Filipinx communities? Can we see beyond the limits of assimilation and a Western lens? What will our organizations, our events, our work, and our self-worth be like if we were to focus on story, truth, and our ancestors? In this workshop, we challenge delegates to have a more meaningful approach to building Filipinx communities through thoughtful outreach and education.

Leading An Organization

Facilitators: Christina Khorn, Tina Leong

Ever wanted to have a larger role in your organization? From the experiences of past [FIA]* presidents, this workshop can help you grow your leadership and professional skills, not only for college, but even beyond college and into the workplace.

Mindfulness at MFAS

Facilitators: Lloyd Mercier & Christian Paneda

This workshop will encourage comfortable dialogue about mental wellness and the creation of concrete action plans to improve one’s mental health, especially as it intersects with our Asian American identity. We will start with a fun energizer/team building activity/icebreaker. Afterwards, we will introduce our roles as facilitators, how to respectfully engage in conversation, and the topic of mental wellness. We will introduce different models pertaining to understanding mental health. Then, we will insert a small group activity with discussion questions geared towards not just mental wellness but also the intersection of other identities. We will then bring it back to the whole group and discuss what they've learned. Afterwards, we will work together to create individualized action plans geared towards employing more time to self-care.

Motherland Who?!?!?!

Facilitators: Cheenie Ayala. Everett Icao

“Diaspora” - refers to emigrants and their descendants who live outside the country of their birth or ancestry, either on a temporary or permanent basis, yet still maintain effective and material ties to their countries of origin. We envision this workshop as the “next generation diaspora” to begin exploring the answers to the question of “Where do I start?”

This workshop will cater to the millennial youth that seeks to engage in their purpose to reconnect with the Philippine homeland through three pillars:

Discover Your Identity, Discover your purpose & develop your potential, and

Begin the Journey…

Nawawalang Kaibigan: The Interconnections Between Philippine and African Diasporas

Facilitators: Jonathan Roberts

This workshop will focus on the long standing, but often unrecognized, relationship that the Philippine people share with Black and African people. Our people have crossed paths many times in history. And even when apart from each other, we shared many similar experiences in way of culture, identity, and colonialism. The goal of this workshop is to give credit to a long standing history and to help encourage the strive for international and Philippine anti-Blackness through the discussion and education among the MAFA community on the relationship that Philippine people share with Black and African communities.

Sharing Your Identity Through Spoken Word

Facilitators: Colin Lucero-Dixon, AJ Espinoza

AJ and Colin will help participants develop the skills of writing spoken word pieces for the purpose of connecting with everyone around you. A spoken word is an expression of your experience. By developing a spoken word, you are opening yourself up to be a connection point for shared experience. The way to develop these skills is by looking at a few prominent Filipino spoken word artists, and sharing the tips that AJ and Colin have learned from their experiences with cultural spoken word performance.

Stepping: What Is It?

Facilitator: Joseph Gabriel C. Sim

Asian-Interest Fraternities and Sororities have been starting to be a significant part of the Asian-American community in college campuses. Stepping, a tradition started by historically Black Greek Lettered Organizations (BGLO's), is an artform that is practiced by these Greek Asian-Interest Organizations all over the country yet most spectators are unaware of the history and culture rooted in this tradition. The goal of this workshop is to educate the community about this tradition. Through this workshop, we hope to be able to share thoughts, ideas, and comments regarding this topic with people from all over the Midwest.

The Dirty ‘P’ Word: Unmasking Potential

Facilitators: Jonathan De Castro

My workshop will look utilize my journey from being a college student, like many of the delegates in attendance, to becoming a professional coach & establishing a career in the NCAA. A lot of what I learned from being a former Conference Delegate to MAFA executive board member, helped prepare me for the opportunity to lead, guide and mentor elite young athletes. 


Session #2

[FIA]* Liwan: Guide to Your Inner Pinoy Popstar

Facilitator: Cheenie Ayala

Have you ever want to channel your inner AJ Rafael or Moira Dela Torre? Now is your chance! Showcase your inner Filipino talent during FIA'Liwan's singing workshop, where we will connect to Filipino heritage with our love of singing! Learn more about your favorite OPM artists and meet other lovers of music. Sign up and don't be shy! And yes, there will be singing involved!

ABGs (Asian Boss Girls) Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling

Facilitators: Samantha Dayon, Madelaine Ronquillo, Raphie Torralba

When you think of the term “ABG”, what do you think of? Inspired by the podcast “ABG: AsianBossGirl”, we’ll explore what it means to be an ABG through the Filipinx-American and Midwest perspective. We’re here to bring together perspectives in an honest conversation about the intersectionality of our identities, including what it’s like to pursue a career outside of the “norm” and how our values as Asian American women intersect academically and professionally. How we can break the bamboo ceiling, no matter what point we are in our lives?

Filipino 101

Facilitators: Taylor Phengsomphone, Kayla Busen

Having a hard time connecting with your Filipino friends? Come attend the Filipino 101 workshop to understand some basics of Filipino culture with two non-Filipino Americans! You can learn basic Filipino phrases, games, and routines/stereotypes. Sign up to meet other non-Filipino Americans as well so we can get to know our Filipinos friends more! Kita tayo mamaya!

How To Overcome Micro-aggressions At Work

Facilitator: Shane Carlin

We've all experienced borderline racist or derogatory comments before. But how did you react to them? By attending our workshop, you will learn techniques on how to navigate awkward situations at work or school. Our goal is to empower you to create an inclusive culture within your office or student organization that is mindful of unprofessional or racially biased comments or procedures.

Kawayan: Creating a Fil-Am Culture

Facilitator: Denyz Dichosa

Kawayan has evolved through the years as a result of the Filipinx-American experience. Its origin began in Cincinnati, Ohio and has grown to be known throughout the Midwest region, other places nationally and reached audiences with those from the Philippines. With this workshop, I aim to truly educate and give a better understanding for growing demographic of Fil-Am's (especially in the Midwest) about a culture that we are actively creating. There will be a presentation on its history and group discussion about identity, culture, experiences pertaining to the theme, "Makisali." And afterward an instructional Kawayan workshop (playing beats on bamboo sticks) mimicking a typical workshop I would have when leading Kawayan at OSU.

Magandang Melanin | Beauty in an Age of Colonization

Facilitators: Kayla Ylagan, Abby Mendoza

Filipinx beauty is all the trend, with our 4th Miss Universe crowned this past year. Beauty has a different meaning in all countries and cultures, but its definition is especially complex in the Philippines. Here, a woman’s beauty can be objectified from beauty pageants to human trafficking. The concept of our beauty has developed over thousands of years of colonization, war, and culture. From skin whitening soap to drag queens on TV, there are so many beauty standards embedded in out culture, yet obliterated from textbooks. In this workshop, we will be discussing the intricacies of beauty in the Philippines and how it affects us as Filipinx-Americans. We challenge our audience to rethink stereotypical beauty standards, and uncover the truths of our culture. 

Parol Party, Light It Up!

Facilitators: Jessa Mendiola, Adrian Silagan

Parols are Filipino lanterns that symbolize the Christmas spirit and the shared expression of faith and hope for a brighter future. They were utilized during Simbang Gabi and was initially used to guide villagers to church, just like how the Star of Bethlehem guided the Three Wise Men. Join us in making these parols to unite us under the tradition of creativity and celebration!

Prism Kru

Facilitator: Sally Moy

Learn a few K-Pop moves from Prism Kru!  This workshop you will be learning a small piece and performing it at the end!

Sst, halika dito right quick!*

Facilitators: Giancarlo Regacho and Linda Do

Are you lonely? Are you tired of being forever alone? Well say no more, because have we got the speed dating session for you! You never know, maybe you’ll be the one saying, “Ano ba, lemme getcho number?” 

Songs of Resistance (AnakBayan Chicago | Kabataan Alliance)

Facilitator: Edmund Buni, Diana Balitaan

Music and culture have been integral in telling the stories of the oppressed and marginalized. In the Filipinx community, artists have used music to challenge colorism, lament the immigrant experience, expose state repression, and more. In this workshop we'll analyze songs, produced by members of the Filipinx community, across genres and generations. What issues do they expose? How do we see our own experiences mirrored in their lyrics? How can we use music to tell our own stories?

The E Word

Facilitators: Emily Balentine

As young adults entering the workforce, we are persuaded to focus on ourselves and gain leadership experience. Along the way we are vulnerable to criticisms and further challenges that demand us to be strong leaders. However, often times strong leaders are easily misunderstood as having to be the loudest individual in the room. This workshop will breakdown the difference between confidence and arrogance through empathy in a series of self-reflections and activities.

What’s it’s like to be EPYC?

Facilitators: Marissa Galang, Sandy Amorado

Our workshop will entail an introduction to the Empowering Pilipino Youth Through Collaboration (EPYC) Ambassador Program that NaFFAA has created. We will discuss about our experiences and how it has impacted us. As ambassadors for the 2019-20 cohort, we want to be able to bring our works and passions to others in the MAFAsphere. With this workshop, we will be using the values of the program (ambition, collaboration, and empowerment) to drive the workshop. The values will be foundations to help those having trouble getting engaged and/or staying engaged within their own school’s organizations. Also, we want to be able to encourage them to see the leader within themselves. In result, we hope to encourage new, emerging young Filipinx-American leaders who are also passionate and ready to be an ambassador for the next year’s cohort.

Unity Through Language

Facilitators: Joseph Irwin Vinuya

Have you only been exposed to Tagalog? Do you know other languages/dialects of the Philippines? Are you interested in knowing more about the role that languages play in our lives and culture? Through small group discussions and activities, we will discuss the major indigenous languages of the Philippines, and the benefits of learning about and maintaining our native tongues. This workshop will also compare the current Filipino writing system and the old Filipino written script, Baybayin.

You're Not Special: Analyzing the Theory of Exceptionalism

Facilitators: James Dequilla, Sean Kim

Tying in Asian American parenting and the traditional saying, "if you don't study/work hard, you'll end up like them".  If everyone is extraordinary, then are you really special? A workshop on understanding the toxic concept of how Asian Americans and modern culture believe that "being average" is the new benchmark for failure. 

Session #3



Facilitator: Roulfe Jose


Conference Within A Conference: "The 10 Year Challenge"

Facilitators: MAFA E-Board

The 10 Year Challenge - Leaving a Legacy
Join MAFA Board and the original MAFA founders as they discuss the true meaning of Legacy and how it can affect people of all generations.

Dream Team Dance Workshop

Facilitators: Andrew Ye


Sali ka, laro tayo!

Facilitators: Joy Salandino, Lyka Sanoy

Have you ever experienced playing traditional Filipino games as a kid, or have you ever wondered what kind of games kids living in the Philippines likes to play? In the Philippines, the children like to go outside to play under the scorching heat or as our parents like to call it, ‘arawan’ since it feels like summer all year long. 

Sali ka, laro tayo! Is a fun-filled workshop where you will get to experience many different types of traditional Filipino games that’ll make you feel like a child again. 

Subtle Asian Roots: Our History In The Fil-Am Diaspora

Facilitators: Edward Raya, Dr. Jeffrey Lorenzo Perillo

Ever feel like Asian American History is often overlooked in today's education? Do you wish you knew more about the roots of your people? Is the "Model Minority Myth" a stereotype you are often associated with yet you feel the desire to dispel those notions?

This workshop aims to educate workshop delegates on the fundamentals of Asian History. Included in the workshop will be significant historical events in Asian/Filipino history that the average student likely did not learn in a traditional classroom. Historically, elements of Asian history are often left out of American curriculum so this workshop seeks to inform delegates of the roots of our people. Often, we, as Asian-Americans, have expectations set upon us that deter us from pursuing other ventures that do not align with that predetermined destiny.

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