Prior Terms

"On behalf of the current executive board as well as the members of this organization, we would like to commemorate and thank those from our past who have served and let their voices be heard in this community."

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President: Naomi Caridad

Vice President Internal: Abby Mendoza

Vice President External: Rio Villoria

Treasurer: Josh Buyawe Rousseau

Secretary: Madeleine Azcueta

Events Coordinator: Marian Nicolas

Outreach Chair: Kyle Tatad

Director of Media: Kayla Ylagan


President: Csammer Love Jularbal

Vice President Internal: Rio Villoria

Vice President External: Randall Tran

Treasurer: Heather Ordonez

Secretary: Sarah Hidalgo

Events Coordinator: Maegan Cedro

Co-Outreach Chair: Jessica Cruz

Co-Outreach Chair: Mary Giselle Herran

Director of Media: Francis Rettinger


President: Sammy Dayon

Vice President Internal: Nicole Calaustro

Vice President External: Nina Cedro

Treasurer: Kala Mangune

Secretary: Emily Liebau

Events Coordinator: Emily Balentine

Co-Outreach Chair: Maddie Ronquillo

Co-Outreach Chair: Raphie Torralba

Media Master: Marlo Delatorre


President: Christine (Cat) Taylo

Vice President Internal: Trini Roxas

Vice President External: Kenneth (Kenny) Stamper

Treasurer: Kayla (Kayl) Arquines

Secretary: Kathleen Guytingco

Events Coordinator: Julia Saito

Co-Outreach Chair: Madelaine Isobal

Co-Outreach Chair: Nina Cedro

Media Master: Allan Mendoza


President: Joanna Ramos

Vice President Internal: Edward Bagtas

Vice President External: Ronald Ilagan

Secretary: Stephanie Oliveros

Treasurer: Rowan Quinain

Events Coordinator: Audrey Gomez

Co-Outreach: Ayrie Gomez

Co-Outreach: Justin Sumait

Media Master: Jessa Kellie


President: Neil Miran

Vice President Internal: Andrea Guytingco

Vice President External: Janine Burgos

Secretary: Robert Delfin

Treasurer: Brian Guerrero

Co-Outreach: Tracy Mapaye

Co-Outreach: Christopher Joligon

Media Master: Daphne Agustin


President: John Ballestaros

Vice President Internal: Christine Trovela

Vice President External: John Carlo Mirando

Secretary: Grace Geremias

Events Coordinator: Joan Joy Sonza

Co-Outreach: Cindy Kinnoin

Co-Outreach: Christine Joy Antonio

Media Relations: J.R Ellasos


President: Michael Miranda

Vice President External: Regina Rubio

Vice President Internal: Neil Miran

Treasurer: Samantha Chan

Secretary: Gabrielle Dabu

Events Coordinator: Macy Gray

Co-Outreach: Rico Maranan

Co-Outreach: Julius Santos

Media Relations: Kevin Ryan Alvarez


President: Karl Buno

Treasurer: Eric Sapnu

Vice President External: Manny De La Rosa

Vice President Internal: Paolo Espanola

Secratary: Cherly De Guzman

Media Relations: Kang Suh

Events Coordinator: Payton Fugate-Laus

Outreach Co-Chair: Rose-Ann Aragon

Outreach Co-Chair: Ryan Bylth


Co-President Internal: Julian Ignancio

Co-President External: Michael Sansait

Treasurer: Michael Lazaro

Secretary: Vanessa Mancao

Events Coordinator: Karen Gameng


Co-President Internal: Julian Ignancio

Co-President External: Michael Sansait

Treasurer: Michael Lazaro

Secretary: Vanessa Mancao

Events Coordinator: Karen Gameng


Co-President External: Jonathan De Castro

Co-President Internal: Phil Millan

Secretary: Jon Cagadas

Director of Public Relations: Lori Bernardino

Events Coordinator: Marisa Santiago

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