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In an ever-changing world, we as Filipinx individuals and Filipinx Americans take on the responsibility of acknowledging our past experiences to define ourselves in the present. KINABUKASAN is Future in Tagalog. These past couple of years have been filled with highs and lows for our communities. As a generation that is experiencing adversities unlike any we have seen before, we have the unique opportunity to become agents of change — both as individuals and as a society. We acknowledge that kinabukasan cannot happen without the present, and we must take initiative together. Our history and values are deeply rooted in utilizing strong community bonds to incite necessary change. This concept is inseparable from our past and imperative to build the future that we envision. Given the circumstances of this tumultuous time, it is principal that we come together to understand that our present and what lies ahead are inextricably tied-

ang ating kinabukasan
our future, is now
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Date: April 2, 2022

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Location: University of Wisconsin Madison

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