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13th Annual Midwest Filipino American Summit (MFAS) Conference

Hosted by Filipino American Student Organization (FASO) & Filipino Student Union (FSU) and The Midwest Association of Filipino Americans (MAFA)

April 3 - 5, 2020 | University of Wisconsin - Madison

MFAS stands for the Midwest Filipino-American Summit. This student-lead conference which is hosted every year by a MAFA Member school/organization promotes growth among Filipino, Filipino-American, & Asian-American communities. MFAS brings an opportunity for those in the Midwest to unite together for the purpose of educating those on identity, issues, culture, and ways to become effective leaders in their respective communities. 

This year, MAFA had to cancel its collaboration with FASO & UW-Milwaukee's FSU due to the health concerns regarding the global pandemic of COVID-19. 






Sampaguita: Bloom Against Adversity

Mission Statement & Expectations
The sampaguita, the national flower of the Philippines, is symbolic of devotion, humility and strength. The name "sampaguita" comes from the Filipino legend of the young Princess Lakambini. Lakambini met and quickly fell in love with Prince Lakan Galing. She promised him marriage with the Spanish words "sumpa kita", translated "I promise you". Unfortunately, Prince Lakan Galing was lost to war and Lakambini was said to mourn his departure on the hill where she promised marriage. On this same hill she was buried, and over her grave a tiny vine of flowers appeared; the natives named these the sampaquita to represent her undying love and devotion. 

By centering our conference around the legend of the sampaguita, we want to challenge the idea of promises and devotion. The hustle of college and work often forces us to push our passions, community, and self-care aside. What promises can we make to ourselves? To our organizations? To our community? How can we carry these promises through? Rather than stay as "promises", we want to give the Fil-Am community of the Midwest the tools necessary to keep their promises and better themselves and their community.

By reflecting upon the tale of the sampaguita, we encourage attendees to rediscover their passions and put their dreams into action. As Filipino-Americans, we are expected to succeed in an environment in which POC, especially Southeast Asians, are not meant to thrive. We encourage the MAFA community to uncover their passions and talents that allow them to Bloom against Adversity!

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