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RTM: Road to MAFA (A sneak peek for those interested in running)

Road to Elections is never quite smooth. Minutes before running for MAFA President... I lost my left contact so I wasn't able to see in one eye during my election process on Google HangoutsLive.  (click here to view the snapchat vid)

A lot of people have asked me (and even more so now as my term is ending) why I ran for MAFA President.

I ran for MAFA Board because I wanted to keep doing what I loved--spreading Filipinx-American awareness and empowering members--but on a larger scale. After 3 positions (Awareness, VPI & Secretary) for PSA UIUC, I found my only options were FACT Co-coordinator or MAFA board. I did run for FACT and lost. Twice. Which I will say I was sad but I’m extremely grateful because it gave me the opportunity to be on MAFA board instead.

Initially, I wanted to do Vice President-Internal as it was something I had done for PSA UIUC. I already had experience with constitution building, board dynamic and other tasks for MAFA VPI. But later, I realized that while I loved being a person of authority, I never wanted to be the highest form of authority.

All in all, I ran for MAFA Board because it would allow me to keep doing what I love to a bigger audience. I ran for MAFA President because it would challenge me as a leader.

and that’s just the condensed drama-free version.

Being on MAFA board was a great experience (ooh spoiler) but I can’t say it wasn’t hard.

Board wise: Meetings were almost impossible

-This is a sample of our slack availability polls. We often had to choose 2 meeting times and alternate meeting times each week so everyone could attend a meeting at least bi-weekly.

If it wasn’t already hard enough that we were stats apart; scheduling was a nightmare for Trini and I. It it’s not that people weren’t prioritizing MAFA, it’s just that we had other commitments (some current MAFA board members are also officers for their respective MAFA school) as well and prioritizing proved challenging. That being said, often times our meetings would start as late as 10PM CST/11PM EST.

O Btw if you get elected you need to get used to CST/EST.

President wise: It was a constant group project

My belief for MAFA President is that as President …

Looking at it, my entire role is dependent on the actions of others. What I quickly learned as President is that one of the biggest things you provide is support/advising and people are going to need that support/advising a lot. Through my term, I’ve been involved in every position and have filled in for board members as needed from something as little as posting in MAFA Members to something as big as completing their constitutional duties.

The other thing about MAFA President is that you represent a regional organization. One of the biggest challenges was assessing and addressing the needs of each specific school while still maintaining an inclusive MAFA Sphere. If a school had a problem/question, they’d quickly ask us and that being said there really wasn’t a off-time for being President/MAFA Board member.

...and many more difficulties that are too long to list.

So let’s get to the heart of the matter; MAFA Board/President was hard but was it worth it? To that I say it was ...

110% for sure


Why? That’s a point for another time because right now the point is

You’re considering MAFA Board and/or MAFA President.

(If you wanted to know why just wait after elections hehe)


  • You want to expand your Fil-am leadership perspective/connections outside of your school or state.

  • You want to help empower/support other schools/organizations.

  • You want to be involved in serving as a resource/advisor in terms of Fil-Am and general leadership, Fil-Am awareness/empowerment, event coordination including but not limited to conferences and retreats etc.

  • You want to make a difference in our community (and potentially even beyond; MAFA is not limited to just the Midwest Region).

  • Other reasons that resonate within you. (The above may or may not apply)


  • You directly want to make a change in the MAFAsphere alongside your board, representatives etc.

  • You recognize and have a want to address the needs/wants of the MAFAsphete (the specific needs/wants is something you should be able to know yourself I.e what does MAFA need right now? What is important to everyone in our community?)

  • Despite the fact that you may or may not be afraid, you feel that you are the best person to lead the Midwest next year.

  • You want to make a difference in our community (and potentially even beyond; MAFA is not limited to just the Midwest Region).

  • Other reasons that resonate within you. (The above may or may not apply)

Note I didn’t say resume builder/connection building/leadership experience; because this position and this organization is so much more. I can’t speak for everyone on board; but in my opinion in serving this organization, you do so much that you forget about the technical gains of your position and you focus on just ultimately making a difference.

INTERESTED? Applications for the 2017-2018 MAFA Executive Board are now open. You are all encouraged to apply and take the opportunity to make a difference in the MAFA sphere! Eligibility requirements, instructions, and the election processes are detailed in the following application packets linked below. Please download application packets as word documents.

If you have any questions regarding MAFA Elections, please contact the members of Executive Board or email us at All application packets are due by April 29th, 2017 at 11:59PM CST.

Click link below to view applications and possibly apply ;)

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