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Roundtables (April 2020): How A Pandemic & Xenophobia is Affecting You


This roundtable discussion was incorporated to MAFA's Sampaguita: online MFAS week. We had the pleasure of Zoom to invite more of the community to talk about their knowledge, feelings, resentments, acts of solidarity around COVID-19. MFAS Committee members: Mat Rodriguez (UW-Madison's FASO) & Millicent Reyes (UW-Milwaukee's FSU) facilitated the conversation between various schools. It was wonderful having so many perspectives talk about this issue affecting the Asian American community and the global after-effects.

Round Table Layout: Click Here

Livestream: Click Here

Notes Section

Current COVID-19 Information


  • Conspiracy Wars - Mass Hysteria spreads faster than the virus

    • China created in a lab

    • Bat Soup - judgment on what cultures eat

    • 5G

Virus Now:

Issues with COVID-19


  • against disabled people in Washington and Alabama state

  • UW Madison incident/hate crime

    • Purposeful Locations near Madison’s campus

    • Downfalls of Individualist culture

  • Experiences of racism

  • Microaggressions

Front-Line Workers

  • Cultural Differences

    • Selfish mindset toward healthcare workers & not staying home

  • Background on Fil-Am nurses: HIV/AIDS epidemic brought in more nurses to help with pandemics

  • How to support Family/Friends?

    • Offering words of support

    • Doing chores around the house to help out your family

Rifts in the minority community

  • Anti-blackness

  • Model Minority effects today

  • Eating Dog = Eating Bat parallel

    • Dehumanizing / Yellow Perrill

  • Who is worthy of attention/adoption

    • Colonialism - taking without knowledge

Closing: How to stay strong

  • Struggle with how to handle a situation appropriately

  • solidarity amongst minority communities

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