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MAFA Board Reflections: Kenny Stamper

For my reflection, I will be telling my story through pictures. This reflection will look back at my highlights as Vice President-External. As with most stories, I’ll start at the beginning.

MAFA Board Transitions: July, 2016

I already knew most of our board coming in, so this weekend was less about introductions and more about bonding, goal setting, and (very) late nights at Red Roof. A cohesive board is absolutely key to accomplishing the goals you set for yourselves and, after this weekend, I couldn’t wait for the amazing things we would do and the places MAFA would take us.

EPYC: Empowering Pilipino Youth through Collaboration: July, 2016

Probably one of the most eye-opening experiences of my college career, I was incredibly privileged to be flown to Philadelphia and present a workshop with these five other incredible Filipinx-Americans. For three days, I learned so much about the ‘Filipinx’ identity and the current issues of Filipinx students across the nation. (Pictured are representatives from the East Coast, SoCal, NorCal, Washington/Pacific Northwest, and Texas/the South.

MAFA Summer Leadership Retreat at Indiana University: August, 2016

This somewhat blurry, silly iPhone picture might not seem like a lot, but to me it means tons. While VPE of MAFA is technically not an ‘External Rep’(As Maria graciously pointed out), the MAFA externals are very close to my heart, and it always makes me proud to see these amazing souls work so hard to help create such a strong network of intercollegiate Filipino Americans.

University of Toledo FAA’s Philippine Culture Night: September, 2016

Together at last. While several MAFA events had already taken place, this is the first event where we had all been together and it felt so good. As Cat mentions in her reflection, time is never going to be on your side, and for everyone to be in one place (outside of FACT and MFAS) is like finding a shiny Pokemon- it’s very rare. That’s why it’s important to cherish the moments like this one, because you never know when/if it’s going to happen again.

Filipino Americans Coming Together: November, 2016

FACT- the start of many people’s journey into MAFA. A crazy, awesome, fun-filled weekend, yet for me the best part is hanging out with the people who are so close to me, yet I only see three times a year. One of the goals we set as a MAFA board was to be approachable; we wanted to be the people’s MAFA board, going to FACT and other events and having a great time just like everyone else. That being said, we also wanted to ensure we kept up a professional image- before, during and after the conference. This meant certain… sacrifices to Afterset activity, but something you should know is that you represent your school, your organization, your board everywhere you go. As MAFA board, there was a somewhat larger spotlight on us and our behaviors; we represented not only our board, but also MAFA as a whole everywhere we went. As a piece of advice, I encourage future MAFA board members to continue this tradition in keeping up the good name of MAFA.

Midwest Filipino American Summit: March, 2017

As I write this post, I just recently finished off my junior year here at Umich. When I look back on this past year and the places I’ve gone, experiences had, and valuable lessons learned, MFAS 2017 tops them all off. Looking at this picture, I think about the way MAFA has changed me and shaped me into who I am now. Looking at this picture, I’m tearing up at the fact that this is the last time my board will ever be together as a whole again. The last time we’ll have shenanigans at the Red Roof; the last time Julia will shout at us in Japanese; the last time we can all give our respects to the Princess Trini. This organization has meant so much to me, and the opportunity to have had an impact on it and the people in it means the world to me. That is why I ran, and that is why you should run for MAFA board. Life is fleeting; life in college even moreso. Go out, get involved, and make a difference, before it is too late.

Externally yours,

Kenny Stamper

INTERESTED? Applications for the 2017-2018 MAFA Executive Board are now open. You are all encouraged to apply and take the opportunity to make a difference in the MAFA sphere! Eligibility requirements, instructions, and the election processes are detailed in the following application packets linked below. Please download application packets as word documents.

If you have any questions regarding MAFA Elections, please contact the members of Executive Board or email us at All application packets are due by April 29th, 2017 at 11:59PM CST.

Click link below to view applications and possibly apply

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