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Francis Rettinger | MAFA Board Reflection 2018-19

Updated: May 2, 2019

I have been involved within the Fil-Am community starting off with Co-Founding the first Filipino Organization at UW-Milwaukee's Campus back in 2017. I became the first President of Filipino Student Union (FSU) which has opened up so many opportunities for me within MAFA. I was able to attend all sorts of events and conferences as well as being involved with my KUSAKIN my MAFAmily. This year I furthered my involvement and served on the executive board which I got to be part of the "behind the scenes" magic that MAFA board facilitates for the community. I love that I can be as creative as I want through my role as Media Master and me being the social media fanatic I am, I get to interact with such a wide audience through our social Media.

I think one of my most memorable experiences would have to be MFAS. I got to be part of the Media and Marketing committee which was such a pleasure working with my team! An accomplishment would have to be when I spearheaded the FAHM (Filipino American History Month) posts. This was a one month long social media campaign which I had the opportunity of getting in touch with people from all over the Midwest to hear their stories and share it with the rest of the MAFAsphere. One of the biggest things that I loved about the role is that I get to see my designs come to life such as through the MAFA Banner for the giant delegates photo. I’m super proud of this because it's the first of its kind. (S/O TO MY DIRECTOR OF MEDIA INTERNS) Lastly, revamping the MAFA website alongside Sarah (MAFA Secretary) was an awesome project that I got to take on.

MFAS 2019 Delegates Photo

This year, time management really slapped me in the face. It was definitely difficult for me since I was also focused on graduation and other priorities this year, however keeping myself accountable as well as my fellow board members was something that was truly important in order to manage all of the projects I took on this year. All in all, i’m super proud of my board and truly grateful to have gotten to work with them!

2/3 of MY interns <3

The legacy that I want to leave behind is that I want to be remembered as someone to look up to and be that mentor or kuya that you can always turn to. One of the biggest reasons that I wanted to run for MAFA Board is that I really wanted to give back to this community that has given me so much. To be honest, MAFA has been such an impactful time during my last few years of college and I hope that I was able to impact at least one person during my time. My advice to the person running for Director of Media is always stick to deadlines. With this role deadlines are so important because making the posts or planning out when you are going to create content for MAFA takes time. In this role, you will constantly be looking at your phone at updates, Google Docs, and the editing suite So being social media adept, willing to learn, and staying creative will be crucial in order to be successful with this role.

MAFA Board 18-19

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