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Jessica Cruz | Outreaching Into My Feels: MAFA Board Reflection 1819

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Being on MAFA board was hands down one of the most stressful but rewarding opportunities in my college career. There were so many memories created and accomplishments from my entire board that I will forever be proud of. Along with that, I learned a lot about myself as a board member, a student, & a person.

I was fortunate enough to jump into a board in which I was already close to many of those elected with me. But the best part was the growth our board had throughout the year. We had a lot of disagreements & stressful moments, pero at the end of the day, we knew we could rely on each other whether it was MAFA-related or something going on in our personal lives.

One of my love languages is Words of Affirmation & I think that our whole executive board was showered with that during our term. As Co-Outreach, you are in charge of being the liaison between all the MAFA Reps & organizations & to have people come up to me & say "You & Mary did really well as Outreach this year" is more than anything I could ask for. S/O to Raphie & Maddie for teaching us their ways, you both are always appreciated.

Communication & Teamwork is VITAL. Coming into MAFA Board, I already knew we would have many responsibilities & duties, pero it did get overwhelming at times. It is everyone's job to do their individual work, although things go so much smoother when your support system is as strong as the ones I was blessed with. No matter what, you guys are working together as ONE team & that is the idea that needs to stay in your mind: your success = everyone's success.

I believe at this point, everyone knows me as that huge fangirl in & out of MAFA events & I & I carry that legacy with pride. But I also want to remind everyone that I would gladly be their personal fangirl in life as well. The biggest piece of advice I can give to someone running for Outreach is that many duties under this position can be personalized to your liking - so be creative! Outreach is not as logistics-based as Treasurer or VPI & really carries a more social aspect to it. Have fun with this position, be friends with your reps, & enjoy counting for MAFAmily Spirit Week (-:

PS: I hope your Co was as great as mine, I love you so much Mother Mary - uwu vibes forever & ever. This year would not have been possible without you <3

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