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★ Oh The Places We Go | MAFA Board 2018-2019 ★

Updated: May 5, 2019

★ Hellur Everyone!

This whole year was one of a ride but I got the horses in the back. Haha. no fr.

My all time favorite part about being on MAFA board this year was meeting so many new faces and creating a wonderful family with my board. Establishing new relationships is such a refreshing feeling to show that our community is still growing. MAFA board has become more than just a board, MAFA board is Ohana.

We all spend time together and even share our experiences with one another. We aren't just friends that are in a organization but a family that grew together through our experiences within MAFA. It is a blessing to be with you guys and you guys taught me so much.

My biggest accomplishment to me is being able to impact at least someone in the MAFA sphere or MAFA board. If I am able to help someone in some sort of way then I feel accomplished. We all have so many responsibilities and we forget to have fun. I love making people laugh and giving everyone the love they are missing. Especially when it comes to board, I would randomly pop in and say “Imy all or ily all” . Sometimes board would get caught up in our daily lives of being students and small little conversations gives us a reminder that we have each other still. :~)

The biggest thing I have learned being on board this year is that even though we have our position responsibilities, remember you are human. You can only do so much and do not forget to enjoy your time and make memories with people around you. It is hard being a student and leader at the same time but in the end it is worth it. Creating new memories with MAFA board have made me who I am today and it reminds me that I have support no matter where I go. Love you guys to the max!! ★★

One of my favorite quotes that I follow by all the time is “If you were to vanish tomorrow, what would you want your legacy to be?”. This quote reminds me to be who I am today and thrive for the best. I want to leave something behind that MAFA could remember. “Oh Hey, someone so did this before”. You are a student, leader, and influencer. What you do today matters the most and even if it is the smallest thing. Your actions can leave behind a million memories for others and can influence someone in the future. GO THRIVE TODAY!

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