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MAFA Cultural Bucket List: The October Edition

Kamusta MAFAsphere?

The Cultural Bucket List is a three year-old project put on by MAFA board that requires MAFA member organizations to fulfill certain tasks to enrich their knowledge and appreciation for Filipinx culture. This year’s MAFA board also wanted organizations to get to know more about each other, while fulfilling the task at the same time, so for this month, we asked our member organizations to share how they celebrated Filipino-American History Month!

Here’s a recap of what went down in October!

University of Toledo’s Filipino-American Association (UTFAA) celebrated their Philippine Culture Night on October 22nd! The celebration featured Modern Tinikling, Sayaw sa Bangko, and Kappa Malong Malong performances by UTFAA’s very own members!

Wayne State University’s Filipino Society (WSU FilSoc) hosted a spirit week and penny wars competition for their AKA (Ate-Kuya-Ading) families to raise money for their philanthropy, Advancement for Rural Kids (ARK)! At the end of their penny wars competition, some of their members got pied in the face! Throughout the week, they also had a volleyball tournament, bonfire, Filipino movie nights, jam sessions, and a Halo-Haloween sale!

Saint Louis University’s Filipino Student Association (SLU FSA) celebrated Filipino-American History Month with home cooking, social justice dialogues, traditional dance, and martial arts workshops!

University of Michigan’s Filipino American Student Association (UMich FASA) commemorated Filipino-American History Month by creating a video contest for their general members to learn more about Filipino culture and win prizes at the same time! (see videos here and here)

Stay tuned for November’s installment of the cultural bucket list!

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