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Maegan Cedro: Looking Back on MAFA Board 2018-2019

My favorite part about being on MAFA Board this past year was working with all the different MAFA schools. I was the main point of contact for schools that were hosting the Leadership Retreats and MFAS and I made some close friends and got to know people really well from working so closely with them. I loved having a hand in planning events like those and seeing how it all came together the day of. It’s such a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

I think that Summer Leadership Retreat or MFAS have to be the most memorable experiences for me. Summer LR was the first event that I got thrown into right after transitioning onto MAFA Board and it was really cool getting to know BSO so well and working alongside them to make our first MAFA event successful. I had such an amazing time and still talk to those that I met that day. MFAS was also a really fun time. I got really close with people on the committees and plan to have them as lifelong friends. Seeing everyone in person MFAS weekend after talking to them in meetings and through Messenger really put into perspective how much of a team effort that event was.

This is me and Kyle Aguilar, one of the principal coordinators of MFAS from UIC. So glad we got closer after the whole process!

The biggest thing I learned is that there will always be disagreements and arguments across any board. The important thing is to always put the organization’s best foot forward and think about what is best for MAFA as a whole. Regardless of how difficult it gets, you must work together in order to come up with a solution that will be the best for MAFA.

If not anything else, I hope that people remember me for my professionalism and integrity as an individual. I also hope that I came off as approachable and someone to confide in for anyone that wanted to talk to me :)

For anyone running for Events Coordinator, I would say it’s not the boring position that a lot of people probably think it is. I had such a great time talking with people and getting to know organizations on a much deeper level! You have so many meetings with these people and yes, work needs to get done, but you can also meet people you may have never met otherwise. The MAFAsphere is so big and it’s only growing, so it is really nice to be paired up with an organization and get to know those people better. I learned a lot about each organization’s leadership qualities and what they value and it’s really cool to see the similarities and differences across each executive board.

Past members of MAFA Board going all the way back to 2008

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