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Look Back At It: A Very MAFA Reflection

Hello and welcome to my thoughts!

Choosing a favorite part of my experience on board this year is like making me choose my favorite Trader Joe’s grocery item. BUT, I suppose being able to get a group of people from different schools and continue this organization into its 10th year is pretty amazing. We were able to work with schools on a personal level and I think that is one of the best experiences I’ve had being on any executive board.

I’ve always wanted to produce something and see it come into fruition on a larger scale. I suppose MAFA board has allowed me to do that. Something that I love about the people I was fortunate enough to work with, is that they gave me a great outlet to do so. Being treasurer is great and honestly, you can make the position into whatever you want. The possibilities, however, are endless. So I thought why not combine two things I am a big fan of? Reality talent shows and MAFA. Perfect. Thus, MAFA’s Got Talent™ was born. I loved being able to showcase the talented people of the MAFAsphere and give them a creative platform for some friendly competition. And the winner was able to perform on an actual stage in front of everyone? What a dream come true. I felt like Simon Cowell. Except less British.

I’m trying to sit here and write about some profound thing that I learned while being on board, but who am I trying to kid? I learned a lot about myself this year and I’m not afraid to admit that one of the biggest things I found about being on MAFA board this year is, myself. I hope that whoever reading this thinks to themselves, “Cliche city, population: her.” (My goodness did I really just write that.) But it all seriousness, I feel like being on a regional board taught me a lot about myself. How I lead, how I work with others, how I manage my time, what I want in an organization/workplace, etc. It’s a lot of work but a lot of reward. I learned about people, relationships, life after graduation, conflicts, change management… It’s a lot of things that I’m going to value for a very long time as I navigate life.

You know, a wise person once told me that legacy is like sauce and clout is like juice. Juice expires while, sauce, lasts you a long time. I suppose the sauce I want to leave behind not just to my successor, but to anyone running for a position is to embrace change. Change is real and scary and inevitable but it is manageable. I think that if you’re able to deal with that, then, man you can do anything.

Anyway, no amount of words on a blog post can really justify my experience on MAFA board this year. It’s been an interesting ride and my journey as treasurer is coming to an end. I hope that this organization will continue to help as many people as it’s helped me (in so many ways!) and I’m ready to pass on the torch to the next board. Here’s to you, the future, what a magandang buhay.

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